Marianne Hatzopoulou

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Marianne Hatzopoulou is Assistant Professor in Transportation Engineering at the Department of Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics, McGill University. Her main research expertise involves modelling of road transport emissions and urban air quality as well as assessing population exposure to air pollution through the integration of travel demand and environmental simulation. She is interested in modelling the interactions between daily activities and travel patterns of urban dwellers and the generation and dispersion of traffic emissions in urban environments. Marianne has also extensive experience in the development of evaluation tools for bridging transport policy analysis with decision-making. She examines ways in which the sustainability impacts of transport policy scenarios can be quantified through the development of performance measures linked with large-scale land-use and transport models. She is the author of a range of publications on the topics of modelling transport emissions, urban air pollution, as well as policy appraisal and decision-making for urban sustainability. Marianne also co-authored a number of studies for a range of government agencies dealing with regional planning, vehicle emissions, and organizational structures for travel demand modelling.

Select publications
Lau, J., M. Hatzopoulou, M. Wahba, E.J. Miller. 2011. An integrated multi-model evaluation of transit bus emissions in Toronto. Forthcoming in Transportation Research Record.

Hao, J.Y., M. Hatzopoulou, and E.J. Miller. 2010. Integrating an activity-based travel demand model with dynamic traffic assignment and emission models: An implementation in the Greater Toronto Area. Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2176, Transportation Research Board of the National Academies, Washington, D.C, p. 1-13.

Hatzopoulou, M. and E.J. Miller. 2010. Linking an activity-based travel demand model with traffic emission and dispersion models: Transport's contribution to air pollution in Toronto. Transportation Research Part D, 15 (6): 315-325.