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Student Role Graduation year & University Thesis Title Current position
Former PhD Students &Post-Doctoral Students
Sohail Zangenehpour PhD main supervisor 2015, McGill A video-based methodology for extracting microscopic data and evaluating safety countermeasures at intersections -
Jillian Strauss   PhD Sole supervisor 2015, McGill New Methods for modeling and integrating bicycle activity and injury risk in a road network -
Sabreena Anowar PhD Main supervisor 2015, McGill A comprehensive study on household transportation expenditure, vehicle ownership, and usage patterns Post-doctoral fellow, U. of Toronto
Amir Zahabi PhD Sole supervisor 2014, McGill Methods for estimating greenhouse gas emissions and evaluating transportation reduction strategies Post-doctoral fellow, U. of Concordia
Alex Francisque PhD Co-supervisor (with M. Rodriguez) 2009, Laval U. Strategies for improving the surveillance of drinking water quality in distribution networks Post-doctoral fellow, UBC
Taimur Usman PhD Co-supervisor (with L. Fu) 2011, U. of Waterloo Models for quantifying safety benefits of winter road maintenance Research Associate, U of Waterloo
Morteza Bagheri Post-doctoral fellow 2010, McGill Contributing severity factors in train-car collisions at grade highway-railway crossings Assistant Prof., Iran University of Science and Technology
Former Masters Students
Ting Fu Sole supervisor (Thesis) 2014, McGill Effects of adverse winter weather conditions on highway traffic and driver behavior PhD student
Adham Badram   Sole supervisor (Thesis) 2014, McGill Regional model for evaluating new road infrastructure projects MTQ
Shaun Burns Main supervisor (Thesis) 2014, McGill Safety at Quebec’s Roundabouts: Investigating Injuries and Accident Occurrence CIMA+
Paul Anderson-Trocme Main supervisor (Thesis) 2014, McGill An evaluation of the operations and safety issues at reserved lane facilities using microscopic video data and alternative methods  
Thomas Nosal Sole supervisor (Thesis) 2014, McGill Improving the accuracy of bicycle AADT estimation: temporal patterns, weather and bicycle AADT estimation methods City of Portland, Maine
Annie Chang Main supervisor (thesis) 2013, McGill The evolution of travel behavior and its relationship with the built environment EMBARQ, DC
Felix Soto Co-supervisor (N. Saunier) 2013, EPM Road safety analysis in low  traffic volume highways CIMA+
David Fernandes* Sole supervisor (thesis) 2013, McGill Vehicle-pedestrian accidents at signalized intersections Metropolitan Tutoring
Sabrina Chang Main supervisor (thesis) 2013, McGill Evaluating the impact of emergency transportation technologies on GHGs Alberta Ministry of Transportation
Wei Yi Kho Sole supervisor (project) 2012, McGill Winter cycling: impact of climate and road surface conditions on bicycle activity Shandong High-Speed Group Co
Rui Jiang Sole supervisor (project) 2012, McGill Safety analysis at highway railway grade crossings in Canada Golder Associates Ltd.
Jillian  Strauss Sole supervisor (thesis) 2012, McGill Cyclist injury risk and pollution exposure at urban signalized intersections PhD student, McGill University
Paul  St-Aubin Main supervisor (thesis) 2011, McGill Diver behavior and safety analysis for specialized freeway lane markings PhD student, EPL
Tyler Kreider Sole supervisor (thesis) 2011, McGill Representation of built environment and relationship to travel outcomes IHS Global in Lexington, US
Laetitia Bettex Co-supervisor (project) 2010, EPFL Analysis of the relationship between urban form, transit accessibility and daily mobility in urban Quebec PhD student, EPFL
Student Role Research topic Expected completion & home University
Current PhD Students
Paul St-Aubin Co-supervisor (N. Saunier) Surrogate safety measures: A road safety study of roundabouts in Québec using computer vision Fall 2015, EPM*
Asad Lesani Sole supervisor A novel traffic monitoring systems for motorized and non-motorized transportation Fall 2016, McGill
Matin Nabavi Co-supervisor (N. Saunier) The impact of cycling network discontinuities on cyclist behavior and safety Fall 2016, EPM
Ting Fu Main supervisor Tracking, classification and surrogate safety analysis under low visibility conditions in outdoor environments Winter 2017, McGill
Shahram Heydari Co-supervisor (L. Fu) Highway-railway grade crossing safety countermeasures Winter 2017, U. of Waterloo
Joshua Stipancic Sole supervisor A Comprehensive Approach to Surrogate Road Safety in Urban Environments Winter 2017, McGill
David Batel Sole supervisor Classification and extrapolation methods in a worldwide bicycle counting system Fall 2018, McGill
Bismark Ledezma Sole supervisor To be defined Fall 2019, McGill
Current Masters Students
Philip Morse Sole supervisor (Thesis) Evaluating the effect of variable message signs on driving behaviors Winter 2017
Taras Romancyshyn Sole supervisor (Thesis) Travel-time estimation methods using GPS and Bluetooth data Fall 2016